6 Modern Bahay Kubo House Design

 Helloshabby.com --  Modern style house design continues to develop over time. But traditional houses are still a favorite of many people and provide a sense of comfort. The combination of modern and traditional home design looks perfect. We will share Bahay kubo modern home design inspiration that you can use as a reference.
If you are interested, here are 6 modern bahay kubo tiny house design! Let's see the detailed information below!

 1. Facade of the house

The facade of the house above has the typical appearance of a beautiful Bahay kubo house . The house is made with a higher design which is the hallmark of Bahay Kubo house. The combination of concrete material and woven walls looks stunning. While  the use of a flat roof gives the impression of an elegant modern style.


2.  Elegant living room


 The living room design looks elegant with a modern interior style. The use of black sofa furniture is the focal point of a beautiful room. You can combine with wooden floor and roof materials to create a homey home atmosphere.

3. Open space concept

The size of the room is narrow, you can do it by using the concept of open space. Between the dining room, kitchen and the living room are designed in the same room to give the impression of  more spacious room. Suitable to apply in a tiny house.

4. Space-saving single line kitchen

The single line kitchen layout is very suitable to be applied in a house with a narrow size. A single kitchen design can help you save space. The kitchen cabinet is designed with wood material that looks natural and blends with the concept of the whole house.

5. Elegant bathroom interior

The interior design of the bathroom looks elegant with the use of dark shades. Moreover, there is a shower box with glass material that makes the interior appearance of the bathroom look modern. The bathroom design is designed to extend according to the available room capacity.

 6. Master bedroom

The design of the master bedroom is designed with a cozy floor bed. That way, the room will feel more spacious. The bedroom is also equipped with many window so that the room looks bright all day long. Looks beautiful and functional.

That's review of 6 modern bahan kubo house design. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Tiny house living Ph

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