7 Dining Table Designs to Complement the Look of Your Living Room

Helloshabby.com -- In some houses adopt the concept of open space which unites two different areas in one place, without solid walls. Most often it is the idea of uniting the living room with the dining area. Living room furniture can be arranged adjacent to the dining's furniture. That's why, the choice of furniture design must be considered properly to get a harmonious look. 

If you want to put a dining table in the living room, you can see the inspiration for these 7 Dining Table Designs to Complement the Look of Your Living Room

Square dining table design

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The square dining table design can be said to be the most mainstream table design to use. Provides a wider table surface for you to put cutlery and food on it. Upgrade the appearance of your square dining table by choosing a tablecloth that matches the theme of your living room

Cool & chic dining table design

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The square dining table does give the impression of a formal and stiff space. If it doesn't match your interior concept, make it fit the style of the room. Complement the look of your living room by covering the surface with a tablecloth from in pink, golden, and baby blue for a lovely look. Beautify it by placing a vase filled with fresh flowers that will increase the attractiveness of your room. 

Round dining table design

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A round table with colorful 4 chairs like this can fill a corner in your living room well. However, a round table like this is more suitable for you to make a breakfast table or a quick meal table where not too much cutlery are placed. As the circular space is not as wide as the previous square table. 

Rectangular table with smooth wooden surface


A room with colorful decor doesn't always have to be filled with colorful furniture. Leave one or more pieces of furniture in their natural appearance. For example, choosing a wooden rectangular dining table design with a smooth surface like this. The table design is almost similar to the wooden floor. Complete the look of this colorful space. 

Elegant round table design


You can make the dining table in the living room a cool place to enjoy your favorite drink while chatting casually. Choose a dining table design that fits the dimension of space. If space is too limited, pick a white round table design that's embellished with a lamp with stunning purple shade. 

Round table design with super pretty surface


Choose a table design that has its own-charm, even without you giving it a decorative touch. Just like the round table design with a pink surface and red pattern accents that are so gorgeous. Effortlessly, this pink- round table will increase the appeal of your room. 

Solid wood dining table


Living room furniture doesn't have to be the same as dining furniture. Choosing a solid wood table with matching wooden dining chairs is perfect for this interior. The wooden elements go well with the wooden floors, doors, and lampshades. The floor under the table is covered with a blue carpet to give you a warm and homey nuance.  

Hopefully, those 7 Dining Table Designs to Complement the Look of Your Living Room are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about dining table ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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