7 Incredible Living Rooms with Garden Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Did you know that the living room and garden can be in one room? It's easy, you just have to arrange and organize your houseplants in the living area. The more plants, the living room will be like a refreshing indoor garden. However, make sure that the arrangement of plants and other elements is done correctly, so the activities in the living room are not disturbed by the abundance of plants. You can take a look at some ideas in 7 incredible living rooms with garden ideas.

Add more natural elements


A minimalist living room can also be used as a garden. You just need to arrange the living room with more natural materials. For example, covering the floor with vinyl or carpet patterned with natural exposed wood.  Use rattan or wooden furniture for a more pronounced natural vibe. Don't forget to put more greenery to liven up the atmosphere. 

Scandi-style with plants


Greenery is the key to getting a living room with a garden vibe. The clean white atmosphere in the Scandinavian style blends well with green plants that are not much, but have enough impact to give a fresh atmosphere that's so pleasant to look at. 

Make the most of the living room window sill


A living room is ideally close to a window for good lighting and circulation. The position near the window is usually preferred by indoor plants. With indirect bright light, which can make plants happier indoors. You can arrange plants along the window sill in the living room.

Adjust plant type


Filling the living room with plants is fun. However, make sure you choose the type of plant that can live well there. For a living room that tends to be damp and a bit dark, you can pick the ferns that like these conditions. Hang it on a hanging planter is also a good idea to make your living room more vibrant. 

Provide a special shelf


If you don't like plants that are too scattered in the corners of the house, make them neater at a point that you like. Provide a unique shelf with a tiered model and a curved handle for hanging potted plants. Arrange the indoor plants well, and your living room will have a small garden in it. 

Living room with vertical garden bookshelf


The bookshelf in the living room can appear more than that. You can let the beautiful vines dangle on the bookshelf. You can fill the sides of the shelves with potted plants with your favorite Monstera plants

Plants in the corner of the guest chair


Arranging neatly lined plants like this will give a tropical vibe that refreshes your living room. It doesn't matter if you use artificial plants, artificial plants are easier to care for. However, if you want to get the true benefits of plants, use real plants. 

Hopefully, those 7 Incredible Living Room with Garden Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about living room designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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