Best Smart Interior with 57 Sqm land with Rooftop -- Homes come in all sizes and styles. Not only small and minimalist house, unbelievably luxurious house always have their charm. Interestingly, the impression of luxury does not always come from the super wide size, the use of golden color, which is seen as a symbol of luxury. A good layout and the best quality furniture create a luxurious and stylish impression. An example is the review of the Best Smart Interior with 57 Sqm land with Rooftop. Please read the details below!

Classy entrance

Luxurious entrance do not always have the form of a magnificent royal gate. It can be as simple as this, with a wooden frame door and glass in a full round shape at the top. This area is also beautified with a container garden filled with greenery and blue-white wall accents. 

Spacious and luxury living area

Entering the house, you will be greeted by a stunning living area. Using wood floors in a herringbone pattern with a smooth finish. Perfectly selected furniture, with modern sofa sets, made of wooden bases and soft turquoise cushions. The area under the elegant spiral staircase is well -used as a place to play the classic piano. 

A ceiling that exudes luxury

Not only the main furniture with wall decorations, the ceiling design is well though out. The ceiling with a flat base was then added with concave round accents, aiming to add dynamic to the space. Bright LED lights are installed along the ceiling surface with the right distance to allow for a super bright room at night. 

Smart kitchen and dining area layout

This house may only have a small kitchen space. However, it is smart enough to choose an L-shaped layout to occupy a corner of the space perfectly. Adding green to the backsplash keeps the kitchen in line with the decor in other areas. This kitchen layout allows residents to get a dining area with a long table and 6 chairs placed in the center of the room. 

Bedroom design

Smartly designed bedrooms, are able to bring comfort and a meaningful luxurious impression. Selected a wooden built-in bed that looks matched with the wood/vinyl flooring used. Soft furnishings in white and dark green to provide visual harmony with the entire house decoration concept.

Gorgeous rooftop design

Who doesn't want to spend a vacation night on a rooftop like this? Having a recreation space at home will be very good at keeping you fresh physically and mentally. You can fill the rooftop with an outdoor kitchen set and other features with an outdoor kitchen set and other features that make it a cool place to spend time. 

Having a great night

Rooftop with grass carpet and outdoor kitchen features, it can be an outdoor space for you to have a warm night gathering with friends and family. Here you can have a relaxing BBQ time while enjoying the fresh outside air. 

Hopefully, those Best Smart Interior with 57 Sqm land with Rooftop are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about home ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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