Kitchen Ideas with Plants (Simple yet Stylish) -- Many people are hesitant to use plants to decorate their kitchens. Crammed rooms and worry that the plants will die are the most common reason for that. This may apply to those of you have a windowless kitchen. However, if you have a kitchen with windows and plenty of natural light, it could be heaven for your plants.

This article will inspire you to use plants to decorate your kitchen. Here are some kitchen ideas with plants (simple yet stylish).


Plants lined up neatly on floating shelves

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Upper cabinets that meet the upper wall can make a kitchen feel stiff. Transform it more relaxed by using a floating shelf. The shelves are more suitable for placing decorations than cooking utensils. Wooden shelves full of potted plants will instantly brighten up your kitchen.

Leave the vines around the windows

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Keep plants off the stove if you're worried they'll burn. Plants should instead be placed around windows and skylights in the kitchen. Plants love sunlight, especially vines. They will spruce up your kitchen as they creep around the window.

Dangling plants on the kitchen border

Plants can be placed along the kitchen's perimeter. Choose plants with beautiful dangling leaves. This way will help you make more room for your plant collection. It also add refreshing style to your home.

Plants on the side of the shelf

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You can place plants anywhere in the kitchen area. It's great to have pot holder for tiny plants. Plants with dangling leaves are also good in hanging planter, but you can place potted plants on a floating shelf too. Make sure it's safe place and you rarely access it to minimize the potted plant being bumped and falling.

Kitchen plants in countertop

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Not only floating shelves, kitchen countertops are also great place for plants. You can place any plant on the countertop, as long as you keep the bottom of the pot dry enough and don't leave soil stains. Choose drought-tolerant plants like Sansevieria or some types of herbs. 

Stylish corner with plants

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Don't leave any awkward corners! Fill it with plants. If the upper corner of the wall feels empty, install an L-shaped floating shelf and place ornamental plants there. We recommend selecting drought-tolerant plants so that you don't have to move the plants frequently to water them.

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