Kitchen Inspirations for Timeless Asian Countryside -- There is something different about Asian kitchens, especially in the countryside. You may still find a kitchen like the one in the cover image. A great mix of bare concrete and varnished wood. This kitchen stand out against the lush greenery of most Asian countryside. This is fantastic design for a timeless and functional kitchen.

Cool unfinished style kitchen

This minimalist kitchen is extraordinary with its unfinished style. No need to add decorative paint; this exposed cement kitchen set will still look cool and be durable. The kitchen has been lightly sheened with varnish. The combination of wood on the cabinet doors completes it.

Bare concrete kitchen in the villa

You may have come across an Asian villa with a wood and bamboo theme like this. The bottom foundation will be exposed, leaving a bare concrete look. The corner of the space will be used as a dirty kitchen, a place for cooking heavy dishes. 

Concrete kitchen with wide windows

Some people in the countryside prefer bare concrete kitchen tables and countertops, due to their high resistance and inability to eaten by termites. Kitchen like this are prone to seepage due to humidity, so it's a good idea to install wide windows that can be fully opened and closed.

Add modern feature into a concrete kitchen

The bare concrete kitchen exudes a traditional rustic vibe. Nonetheless, it's still good for modern, industrial-style homes. Exposed concrete gives a strong, stylish look. Adding a cooker hood feature that makes the kitchen more contemporary.

Concrete kitchen with wooden cookware

If you've ever been in a concrete kitchen with wooden cookware, you know such a kitchen creates a nostalgic atmosphere. Asians usually like to cook together in this kind of kitchen. Having one into your modern home will provide a cozy and memorable feeling when cooking with family members.

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