Small 2-Storey House Design with 4x8 m (32 SQM) -- It's almost time to start a new year; do you find a house design that truly represents your vision? If you can't find one, maybe this two-story house design idea will inspire you. This two-story house is planned for a 4 x 8 m plot. The tall building makes it have three bedrooms, which are perfect for a daily family residence or a family vacation home.

More ideas, here are Small 2-Storey House Design with 4x8 m (32 SQM).

Stand straight and slim

Castillo Design Studio

This house' design is straightforward and geometric. The house looks tall, giving it a dimensional look. The building is shaded by a sloping roof and a roof over the front to create a shaded side terrace.

Modern stilt house design

The house is built in the style of a modern house on stilt. The house stands a few centimeters above the ground. The floor foundation is reinforced with concrete for long-term building durability. The outer building uses white paint for a minimalist impression.

Interior design

This is the first area that welcomes you. The interior dominates with white toned,  wooden accents, and black stripes. This kind of interior creates a cozy and calming ambience in the room.

Cozy nook with stylish partition wall

Castillo Design Studio

Still in the same area, you'll find a multipurpose nook. It has built-in seating and a round table. The white and fine wood tones create a harmonious look with the interior style. The nook is directly next to the kitchen. There is a small yet stylish partition wall that defines the two zones.

Elegant floating staircase

The stairs here have a floating style. Each step is designed to be firmly attached to the wall. Then, for added security, install iron railings. This kind of railing also gives the stairs an elegant appearance.

Impactful windows

The house considers the comfort factor well. You may find more windows in some parts of the house. The glass windows will help the room get enough light during the day. It's also a good idea to create a seamless modern interior within this big window on the second floor.

Master bedroom design

Castillo Design Studio

This is one of the 3 existing bedroom designs. It has a queen size bed, a wardrobe, and a workstation. The wooden wardrobe has an elongated size to allow the owner to store a lot of stuff there.

Modern bathroom design

You may get a small bathroom, but that doesn't mean it will look mediocre. You can design the bathroom with a stylish and minimal touch. Enliven the small bathroom by using white-patterned floor tiles. Add ambient and decorative lighting to set the mood you want, even in a small bathroom.

Second bedroom design

A bedroom like this will make you comfortable. Setting the tone, not too much stuff will give you a sense of good air flow here. Beautify the bedroom by placing some ornamental plants at several points.

Thank you for taking time to read Small 2-Storey House Design with 4x8 m (32 SQM). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
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