The Purple Decor Ideas to Appreciate Simple Home -- Thank you to our dear readers who visit our site to read inspiring home reviews. We believe a good house will undoubtedly improve the inhabitants' quality of life. That's why, we will never tire of presenting you with interesting housing ideas.

This time, you'll see the latest home ideas that are worthy of being used as inspiration. This house has a simple structure, but the purple finishing makes the house look appealing. 

For purple lovers, here's some purple decor ideas to appreciate simple home.

Inviting facade design


This building and facade of this house are designed in a traditional style. A symmetrical box or cube' simple shape is enough to save on development costs. 

This front elevation is so inviting. Using white and sweet purple decorative paint. This combination make a simple house appear more appealing and special.  

Open-plan amazingly ceilings

Entering the house, residents and visitors will notice a strong purple feel. Purple enters elegantly in the furniture selection and as an accent paint. This open-plan room is even better with an up-ceiling that gives the impression of a spacious room. The ceiling is also adorned with purple paint.

Purple up the living area


The living room serves as the home's focal point. A place to relax, gather, or entertain guests. Purple lovers must have this velvet sofa with a deep purple color. This color is easy to draw attention to, but leaving the floors and walls in neutral colors won't make the room too tacky in purple.

Purple house doesn't require excessive decoration

Purple has a magnetic appeal that compels you to look at it. This arrangement can serve as inspiration. The house is simple, but little clutter and purple things here give it aesthetic appeal. 

The use of purple furniture serves as a focal point in the room. Those things add a layer of elegance to this room.

A spot to watch TV


The family TV room will eventually be located in this house corner. TV's spot and some equipment will be placed on a soft-purple cabinet. 

How to watch TV can adjust family habits. If you prefer to watch TV while sitting cross-legged or lying down, you can try the option of laying a soft polka-dot rug like this one.

Worth to post corner

Create a special space devoted to your hobbies or interests. If you enjoy reading, a space with a  comfy purple sofa might be a pleasant place to do so. This purple seating has such beautiful curves. It also has a multipurpose storage shelf underneath it. Despite its simplicity, this space is worth mentioning.

No blank sides


Negative space or plain walls are necessary to give a spacious look. However, more plain walls make the house feel empty. White cabinets can be used to cover the blank side of the wall. These cabinets serve as both room decor and storage for small furniture. Install a box mirror on the wall as a touch up area in this space.

Thank you for taking time to read The Purple Decor Ideas to Appreciate Simple Home. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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