Affordable 2-Bedroom Small House Design Ideas (7 x 12 M) -- Owning a home is a worthy investment. A place where you and your family live your best life. It's not easy, but we believe you can make your dream home a reality with hard work.

We also have to be more realistic when choosing a home design. Building a house is not cheap. You can choose a simple home design with financing that fits within your budgett. Just like this 7 x 12-meter house design. It has 2 bedrooms and is designed to be built on any location, such as the suburban, in the middle of the town, and on farmland.

For you, here is affordable 2-bedrooom small house design ideas (7 x 12 M)

Gorgeous external facade

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The external facade has a simple structure.  This makes the house more affordable than building with a complex structure. Despite its simplicity, the house has stunning exterior details. It is accented with horizontal and vertical lines and finished in a golden color that blends well with other colors and elements. The house is raised by three steps on the porch to create a dynamic and modern appearance.

Exterior finishing

Embracing a minimalist house style, the front facade offers a beautiful frontage with a mix of light and dark colors. It looks bright by using white, gray, and golden yellow. Grey and golden come as accent colors that makes this house more elegant and colorful. The other elevations are kept simple with a white mineral plaster finish.

Well-designed exterior features

The exterior design elements are well thought out. The open porch includes a sliding glass door, which good for expanding the view and letting in plenty of light. The feature windows in each room allow air to circulate and refresh the space. The house is made more inviting by a walkway with outdoor floor tiles.

The rear view

The back of the house features a back porch that can be used as an outdoor service area. You can just add walls and an extra roof if you feel it's not private enough. It's small, but enough for a functional service area.

Front elevation design

The roof construction on this house can be made of cement tile or zinc tile, which is then covered with a gypsum board ceiling. This kind of roof will make the house modern and elegant.

If you have any remaining outdoor space, use it for gardening. You can make a living fence out of boxwood shrubs that surrounds the house with new growth. Don't be afraid to have a flower garden that adds a small but dazzling landscape to this house. 

The floor plan reference

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The floor plan features an open-plan living area that blends with the dining and kitchen areas. This arrangement is adaptable for small homes to create a multifunctional space that feels spacious and airy. Below is a detailed floor plan: 
  • a porch with a size of 3.4 m x 1.4 m,
  • living area with a size of 3.3 m x 3.75 m,
  • dining and kitchen area with a size of 3.3 m x 3.75 m,
  • bedroom 1 with a size of 3.2 m x 3.75 m,
  • bedroom 2 with a size of 3.2 m x 3.75 m,
  • toilet and bath with a size of 2.0 m x 1.8 m,
  • and service area.

Hopefully, those Affordable 2-Bedroom Small House Design Ideas (7 x 12 M) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small home design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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