Before-After Ideas to Make Over Small Space into A Functional and Versatile One -- Having a small space does make you as the owner feel bored and unable to move more freely. However, this is not the time to just worry about it. You need to move to do something more. Check out Before-After Ideas to Make Over Small Space into A Functional and Versatile One. Let's make your small space more awesome!





Before the renovation, this room looked boring and could only be filled with a few functional areas. The presence of the bedroom, which was originally in the ground floor area, would certainly make the owner uncomfortable because it was connected to other areas around it. To overcome this, small changes need to be made.




After the renovation, this small room looks more functional by separating the bed on the mezzanine area so that it is more comfortable and quiet. this mezzanine area adds the function of a room that you can fill with whatever you want. However, it is important to use sturdy materials to keep it comfortable and safe.

Living room idea

The first area you will encounter when opening the door from the outside is the living room. This living room has a large space and is filled with comfortable sofas. The choice of matching colors on the sofa will make the room look neater. As an interesting touch, there are additional carpets with more varied colors and motifs.

Kitchen idea

This small kitchen has a linear kitchen set arrangement, which keeps the space around it open and comfortable for activities. To make it look more unified and organized, choose colors that complement the other areas.

Bathroom idea

Moving on to the bathroom area, this small space can accommodate multiple functions and make you more efficient. This small space includes a shower, tub, and toilet. Add a shelf on the wall to organize your toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and detergent.

Bedroom idea

This last section is in the mezzanine area which is utilized as a bedroom. This bedroom was made without a bed to consider the safety of being in the mezzanine area. For a more private impression, additional curtains are also an idea that can be applied to this bedroom.

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