Cozy Small House Ideas with Modern Low-Cost Design (62.3 SQM) -- How do you want your dream home to come true? Some people do not always desire a lavish home with luxurious furnishings. More people prefer small yet functional homes. This house design has everything you're looking for. The house has two bedrooms and the option to expand the outdoor space into a super cozy backyard. The features inside and outside the house will make you never want to leave.

Here is a cozy small house ideas with modern low-cost design (62.3 SQM).

Charming house's facade


The facade, or the front elevation is like the face of the house. The facade design of this house gives a good impression. A simple building with a traditional roof that offers you a cozy atmosphere. It had a terrace and a warm, creamy beige finish that blended well with the greenery, creating a fresh and bright look.

The floor plan reference

Let's start with the floor plan of this house small house before we get into the interior design. Building the entire house, including the front yard and backyard, will require a 7 m x 20 m plot area. However, for the house, you only need at least 7.00 m x 8.00 m, or about 62.3 sq. m.

The floor plan details are as follows:
  • the front porch in a size of 2.00 m x 3.15 m,
  • the living area, dining area, and kitchen in a size of 6.2 m x 3.15 m,
  • the first bedroom with a size of 3.55 m x 3.0 m,
  • the second bedroom with a size of 3.55 m x 3.0 m,
  • the bathroom in a size of 1.4 m x 2.4 m,
  • service area in a size of  1.5 m x 3.0 m
  • patio with a size of 5.5 m x 2.39 m,
  • a pool backyard with a size of 1.89 m x 3.19 m.

The small yet modern living room


This living room has features that you'll surely enjoy living with. The glass door will expand the view and add light and space here. The furniture has a compact design that fills the space well on the sides.

To make this living room cozy, textures and patterns are introduced through soft furnishings such as patterned cushions, a soft throw, and a rug.

Comfy dining area design

One room with an open-plan scheme. Bringing the living room, dining room, and kitchen together in one room. The dining area was cleverly designed near the back glass door. Although it is not large, this position provides a sense of spaciousness and a fresh view when in the dining area.

First bedroom with modern design


The first and second bedroom design are nearly identical in size. It is about 10.65 square meters, which makes it possible to put a large bed, wardrobe, and nightstand there. This bedroom has an attractive modern style. It feels bold and masculine with the use of wood-plank wall and the black-gray colors that dominates the furniture.

The second bedroom design ideas

The second bedroom has a brighter and sweeter color scheme. Thanks to the pastel-colored patterned rug and decorative frames. What's special about this bedroom is the sliding glass window/door that directly faces the backyard. It will bring the most light and air into the room. Waking up facing the garden will be a huge plus here.

The service and patio design


The rearmost part of the house is the service area. It's for doing laundry and has a kind of small outdoor kitchen. In the original plan, it has a spacious backyard. This part was used to build a paved patio with a pergola overgrown with vines. This patio will be a wonderful place for you to unwind.

The pool

Lastly, there is outdoor swimming in the backyard, which is a big bonus in this house. It has dimensions of 1.89 m by 3.19 m, enough for an adult to swim. It is surrounded by tropical plants to double up the freshness here.

Thank you for taking time to read Cozy Small House Ideas with Modern Low-Cost Design (62.3 SQM). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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