How to Design a Room, in 7 Easy Steps -- Designing a room sounds like an easy thing to do. However, if not carefully considered, the room you need will look unattractive or even make you feel uneasy. To give you ideas and the best way to design a room that's both useful and attractive, keep reading for how to design a room, in 7 easy steps.

1. Define the purpose of a room


The first thing you need to do is determine the purpose of the space. What room do you need at home? How much space do you require? Do you want this room by the window or completely enclosed? If so, take a look around the house to see if there is any space that needs to be rearranged to accommodate your needs. 

2. Defines the room style


If you already know the space you need, it's time to determine the style of the room. Do you want the room to have a unified style with the rest of the house? If not, what specific style do you want? The choice of furniture, decorations, and room layout will be influenced by the style.

3. Choose a layout


Before actually placing the furniture,  you can think about the layout in terms of furniture direction and decoration placement. Make sure the furniture arrangement is not too crowded to give you room to move around. There are numerous space layout ideas you can try while keeping your square footage in mind.

4. Choosing and arranging furniture


It's time to arrange the furniture according to your chosen layout. Make sure to choose furniture that matches the dimensions of the room. Don't choose furniture that's neither too small or too large. Consider adding soft furnishings in patterns and colors that complement your style to enliven the space.

5. Adding decorations


Decorations are important to liven up and beautify a room. You can use one large decoration as a focal point in the room. The option of plants as living decoration will be very helpful to give a fresh and natural feeling to any interior setting.

6. Minimize clutter


Make sure there are not items scattered around your room. Each item or display should have its own place. It is always a good idea to consider storage in the form of cabinets or shelves that suit your needs in any room.

7. Let the light come in


Natural light will make the room you design more comfortable. It's best of a room has one or more windows. Windows allow air and light to enter the room. Natural lighting will also give the impression of a bright, clean, and spacious room.

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