Lovely Small Contemporary Modern House (3.5 x 7.5 M)


Lovely Small Contemporary Modern House (3.5 x 7.5 M) -- A modern contemporary house is one that is aesthetically pleasing and exudes contemporary elegance. Contemporary homes resemble traditional art deco styles and firm architectural forms. This design will stand out because of its simple house shape, lack of motifs, and emphasis on the aesthetic, functional, and functional elements of the house itself.

This modern house concept extends to the interior and spatial arrangement. The full desing for Lovely Small Contemporary Modern House (3.5 x 7.5 M) is shown below:

Design of a house's facade

The details of this contemporary house's facade are dominated by complex building elements. Concrete is a material that is frequently used for modern houses, so concrete elements are clearly visible if left unfinished. The use of white and brown colors improves the overall appearance of the house. 

The small but tall shape is meant to provide a spacious and airy space. Other combinations, such as wooden boards, will also simplify housing and apply a variety of components.


 The interior of the room has a symmetrical shape

This space's interior desing is dominated by simple and concise furniture. The house appears asymmetrical due to prominent wall details. Gray-white interiors also give the impression of a more spacious arrangement in the space, making it feel larger.

The use of space windows in contemporary interior design

So that that modern house has a more complex terrace, wide windows can be an option to make the room feel fresher and allow more light into the room. As a result, the room remains bright during the day or evening.

Interior color scheme with a pot of color

Apply the interior desing of the room with a more appealing that dominates modern homes. Such as the use of white bone brown for some furniture pieces and bold colors like red on the refrigerator. This will make the space look more appealing and typical of modern homes rather than random.

Kitchen minimalist furniture

Space requirements must be met with complete details such as the use of furniture, table chairs, or other decorative objects. This kitchen space makes use of compact furniture that is attractively and simply arranged. The use of detailed and prominent colors will also provide a more distinctive and stylish appearance.


 Space concept without partition

Interiors of contemporary homes are dominated by open space with no partitions. As in this design, the space between the kitchen, dining room, and central area is still visible. Only a small separator should be used to provide a light boundary.

Make use of smart technology in the bedroom

Another feature of modern home desing is the use of smart technology, which can be applied to lights and TV, curtains that turn on and open automatically. As a result, the symmetrical details of the space will give the residence a futuristic appearance.

Room dimension and details

This house space is divided as follows:
- Living room 2 x 1.82 m
- Dining room 1.8 x 1.82 m
- Bedroom 2.2 x 3 m
- Toilet 2.2 x 0.5 m
- Bathtub 1.68 x 1.5 m
- Wardrobe 1.5 x 1.82 m

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source      : Barrio Architect is a collection of minimalist home designs and floor plans from simple to modern minimalist homes. In addition there are several tips and tricks on home decorating various themes. Our flagship theme is the design and layout of the house, the inspiration of the living room, bedroom, family room, bathroom, prayer room in the house, the terrace of the house and the child's bedroom.

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