Small House Ideas That Are Cheap and Easy to Build (30 sqm) -- With population density and rising building prices, you have to be smart in planning the construction of a house as a place to live for your family. It doesn't have to be big, you can build a small house that looks beautiful and cheap. For design and decorating ideas that you can imitate, check out Small House Ideas That Are Cheap and Easy to Build (30 sqm).

House facade design

This house is built on an area of 60 sqm with a total building size of 30 sqm. Despite its small size, this house has a stunning facade with a minimalist style. The use of torquise color looks very beautiful and feels soothing. For a different touch, there are wall stickers with wood patterns around the entrance of the house.

Front yard idea

This house has a front yard that is utilized as a carport and also a garden. This garden area is overgrown with grass that gives a fresher and greener impression. You can customize this garden area according to the style you like. Have your favorite plants so that they have a beautiful appearance and you enjoy taking care of them.

Living room idea

Entering the interior, this house has a small living room that has simple furniture so that it doesn't take up too much space. Wall decor is one of the perfect ideas to create a more lively and beautiful space. Some plants will be very interesting to decorate this area.

Kitchen idea

The choice of white color in this kitchen is able to give a wider impression to the room and lighting that spreads better. The L-shaped kitchen set model still provides a comfortable space for the owner when doing activities. This kitchen is also equipped with a ventilation window for a room that is not stuffy.


Bedroom idea

The part that appears more stylish is the bedroom. The best decoration can provide comfort when you rest. Wall colors that are made more varied make this bedroom look not boring. Give some decorations on the wall to create the impression of a room that is more varied and not monotonous.





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