Stilt House Ideas that Look Classic but Provides Comfort -- A house on stilts does look classic, but it was built for a reason. The choice of stilt house design usually aims to avoid flooding and minimize shocks during earthquakes. Although it looks old-fashioned, you can also create comfort in a house with a stilt style like this. Check out Stilt House Ideas that Look Classic but Provides Comfort.




House facade

This house has a simple facade with the use of bamboo throughout which gives a more natural and inexpensive impression. To cover the hallway area under the house, a row of potted plants will add value to the appearance of the house.

Front porch

The front porch area becomes a functional part of the exterior. Decorations are also important to give an impressive look to anyone who looks at it. For an idea that you can replicate, use shelves for plants with varying heights as seen in the picture. Or you can also add a carpet that you can use to relax with your family.

Relaxing spot

Entering the interior of the house, there is a relaxing area equipped with a television and storage table that makes the room look more neat and organized. To enjoy your favorite television shows, additional rattan chairs and tables are facilities that match the appearance of the surrounding area.

Interior look

The interior of this house looks simple and minimizes the presence of furniture, making the room feel more spacious and neat. For empty spaces, only fill them with essential furniture that you really need.

Kitchen idea

The kitchen and dining area is at the back with a wider view because it uses glass windows that can maximize the lighting in the room. Air circulation is also maximized so that the kitchen does not feel stuffy. Don't forget to choose a look that matches the rest of the interior.

Bedroom idea

This bedroom has a simple look with a bamboo bed surrounded by curtains that make sleeping more comfortable. The choice of white color will also create a simple and unobtrusive variation. Or you can choose other earthy color variations.

Bathroom idea

Although small, this bathroom feels cozy with the use of furniture that does not make the space feel cramped. Installing a shower on the wall is one way to overcome this small bathroom.
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