Beautiful Simple House Design with 2 Bedrooms (Cost 700K) -- When it comes to building a house, design and financing are inextricably linked. Fortunately, there are now many simple home designs with budgets that can be adjusted to ours.

Just like this gray-tone house. Taking a minimalist style, it has two bedrooms and is fully equipped for a small family. You can see the house plan and several finishing with financing estimates to match your bank. Here is a beautiful simple house design with 2 bedrooms (cost 700K).

Stunning gray-tone house

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The house's design will undoubtedly make you proud to call it a place to return. Taking the one-floor design, it has a floor area of 52 square meter on a lot size of 137 square meters. The house use neutral color scheme of white and gray for the final look. Add slate stone accents to enhance the home's visual value. It gives a minimalist but affordably aesthetic impression.

Exterior features

Exterior features of homes are worth considering. It has garage; it is open, but you can add an additional roof to protect the car from rain and heat. The front elevation has a front porch ready to welcome you. The porch is small, but with a green container garden that adds the exterior's freshness.

Left side view

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The house is built in the style of a traditional house. It is not too boxy, with dimensions large enough to accommodate four people. The house also appears sturdy, with a hip roof in a gray-tone roof color that completes the house. It can be seen that each side building has windows to optimize light and air ventilation.

Floor plan reference

The dimensions of this area at least 11.65 m x 11.7 meter, including the garage. The house building consists of: 
  • 1st bedroom with a size of 3.0 m x 3.0 m,
  • 2nd bedroom with a size of 3.0 m x 3.0 m,
  • living room with a size of 3.5 m x 3.0 m,
  • dining/kitchen with a size of 5.3 m x 3.0 m,
  • bath, porch, and service.

Estimated cost

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As stated, the architect gave an estimated cost for this house. Depending on the finishing-style, budgeting may differ. This budget includes labor and materials in the budget currency of the Philippine peso (Php).

This house can be built in rough finished with an estimated budget of around 624,000 - 728,000. Whereas if you want an elegantly finished house, it might reach the budget 1,248,000 - 1,456,000.

Thank you for taking time to read Beautiful Simple House Design with 2 Bedrooms (Cost 700K). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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