Gorgeous 4 x 9.5 Meter Tiny Two-Story House Design

Helloshabby.com -- The tiny house's two-story design provides more useable space on both the lower and upper floors. This tiny house design will inspire you greatly. Standing on 4 x 9.5 meter plot of land, it has an interior with essential spaces that feel spacious and not stuffy. There is also outdoor space for terraces and balconies. Here's a gorgeous 4 x 9.5 meter tiny two-story house design for you.

Charming front elevation design

© O.D TV Pilipinas

The front elevation gives the impression of a tall and sturdy building. It has a front terrace and a balcony, both of which can be used for relaxation and unwinding. A gable roof shades the structure, and a wooden outdoor ceiling adds style to the front elevation. Building like this tend to be simple, but if made perfectly, the would be so sturdy and modern.

Nice exterior finishing

The exterior finish has a good combination. It uses two-tone walls style. The lower floor, especially the front porch, uses a light beige color, while the second floor takes on a gray contrast color. With the middle center painted white, this two-story buildings looks more elegant in its simplicity.

The fresh outdoor space

© O.D TV Pilipinas

This tiny 4 x 9.5-meter house considers the homeowner's outdoor needs. It has a balcony and a front porch. There, you can place movable chairs to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and views outside. Place some ornamental plants that work as ornaments to enliven the front elevation design.

First-floor layout

This is the layout of the rooms on the first floor. The outermost part of this home will have a foyer or front porch. Inside, you will find the living area, which is perfectly divided by a wall to provide privacy between the living and dining areas. The back is reserved for the service area, which is kitchen and toilet & bath.

The second floor layout

© O.D TV Pilipinas

The room upstairs is used for the bedrooms. There is a master bedroom and a second bedroom, separated by a staircase and hall area. The balcony here can only be accessed from the master bedroom. The size of the balcony is the same as the foyer downstairs, so the arrangement can be similar.

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