Tiny House with Livable, Airy, and Compact Interior

Tiny House with Livable, Airy, and Compact Interior

Helloshabby.com -- Everyone takes pride in owning a home. Even if  the house is small in size and has limited interior space. Essentially, the house does not prioritize its size alone. But rather the concept, spatial arrangement, and material selection used. As a result, the tiny house will still be comfortable place to live with family. With neat, compact, and spacious details, the Tiny House with Livable, Airy and Compact Interior review below can provide inspiration:


 The tiny house's facade details

This house's symmetrical design on each side gives it a small appearance. A light brown exterior and wooden paneled patio walls were added as options. As a result, it is appropriate for a contemporary Japanese home. The porch is long and light, and it can serve as an outdoor living room.

Side view of the facade

From the side, the facade of this house appears to have the shape of a sloping roof in order to create a contemporary impression. This house is designed to be natural and tropical, with a layout that faces the direction of the sun. The presence of optimal windows on the side to the side of the facade maximizes the lighting of the space.

Appears spacious due to the large windows

Lighting is the most important aspect of a fresh tropical home concept. Because good lighting can make a room appear spacious and cool. As can be seen, the sliding model windows was chosen for ease of opening and closing.

Wood furniture

This residence chooses wood furniture to make this house more compact between the concepts used. It can be seen in this build cabinet with a Japanese model that is made open to be free. Furthermore, the work area continues to use glossy wooden furniture sets for final finishing. 

Bedroom fully furnished

The details in the following bedroom are quite complex. Because of the presence of baskets, cabinets, and private bathrooms. The arrangement is made neat lightweight, and with a clean interior in mind. A large windows is placed on the mattress to allow for better circulation and to let in more light.

Space proportional angle

There is a corner space with an elegant concept that can be used as a relaxing spot. This space feels more complete with navy carpets and a mix of wood materials. The space's corner is proportional to the shape of the chair, and its location is designed to be absolute, leading to an open courtyard.

Models for kitchen aisles

In contrast to other, more open-plant rooms. The kitchen si situated in a small, private hallway area, allowing for a surprising impression on the interior. To save space, use the kitchen set and display shelves to keep all the furniture and cooking ingredients neat.

Hopefully, those house ideas will be useful to those of you who are looking for ideas and inspiration for home garden ideas. We wish you luck in building your dream home. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about it.

Author      : Lynda
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