3 Bedrooms House Design 9 x 10 M (29 x 32 ft) with Roof Deck

Helloshabby.com -- If you have enough land and money, building a large modern house is an option worth considering. A wonderful place to spend time with your big family member. Start by choosing the right home design. This 90 sqm modern house with three bedrooms and a roof deck is one of great inspiration. This house has complete amenities that will make it as a safe haven of your family member.

This is the 3-Bedrooms House Design 9 x 10 M (29 x 32 ft) with Roof Deck.

Modern front elevation

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A house with a size of 9 by 10 meters is considered a medium-sized house. The house's front elevation, or facade, is made appealing. The modern house is highlighted with an off-white color for the main wall. Contrast is included with the gray color for the roof deck support pillars. Texture play is also present in the rough-finish pillars that add dynamism.

Cozy exterior features

The house's exterior has several features. A front porch, a carport, and  roof deck are all options. These three features exceed the 90 sqm limit, so you'll need an additional 9.01 m by 3.9 m of land. However, adding these features will make your home better. This house design will cost around 1,652,000.00 PHP (33,000 USD). The exterior and interior finishing details listed below.

Gorgeous roof deck design

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The roof deck is an intriguing feature of this design. The roof deck is built on top of the porch's flat roof. It will be accessible via an outdoor spiral staircase attached to the corner of the porch below. This roof deck is ideal for unwinding. You can enjoy the morning sun by placing sun loungers and a small table here.

Porch design ideas

This home's design features a sizable outdoor lounge. Placing a comfortable sofa set for a semi-outdoor shaded area like this. This porch will work as an outdoor living room, or  a place to chat with family member while enjoying the fresh air. The porch is surrounded by a metal railing that gives it an elegant design and enhances the exterior design.

Homey living room ideas

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This house as a spacious living room. You can place a large sectional sofa like this. More and bigger seating, allowing more people to fit in the living room. Adding a TV wall mount feature will give the room a more relaxed atmosphere. Plants can also be used as a refreshing living decor.

Dining area and kitchen design

Knocking the wall, you'll get a spacious living space. This area use open-plan scheme to create such a casual dining area and kitchen. The kitchen furniture is arranged in an L-shaped layout facing the dining area, giving a welcoming and open atmosphere. The center is perfectly filled with a marble topped dining table that is large enough to place 6 blue dining chairs in between.

The master bedroom design ideas

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The master bedroom features has its own toilet. It is certainly bigger than the other two bedrooms. It takes up 20.91 sqm of space. The bedroom design is sleek and sophisticated, with soothing furniture colors. With solid wood furniture as well as bedding with blue and gold accents, the bedroom is enhanced.

The floor plan reference

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The house consists of:
  • porch with a size of 4.86 m x 3.90 m
  • carport with a size of 4.15 m x 3.90 m
  • roofdeck with a size of 4.86 m x 3.90 m,
  • living area, dining area and kitchen with a size of  4.86 m x 7.29 m,
  • bedroom 1 with toilet with a size of 4.15 m x 5 m (toilet 1.5 m x 2.4 m)
  • bedroom two with a size of 4.15 m x 2.2 m,
  • bedroom 3 with a size of 4.15 m x 2.77 m,
  • toilet with a size of 2.9 m x 1.9 m,
  • laundry with a size of 2.9 m x 1.9 m.

Thank you for taking time to read 3 Bedrooms House Design 9 x 10 M (29 x 32 ft) with Roof Deck. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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