7 Beautiful Small Space Living Room Decoration Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Tired of your small, boring living room? Though a small living room can work better than we think, it can be a place to relax, entertain guests, and gather at home. Try these living room decorating ideas to make your living room more charming. Keep reading for 7 Beautiful Small Space Living Room Decoration Ideas.

1. Make use of walls for artsy displays

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Walls for small spaces are like canvases. You can color and decorate them to create an aesthetic small living room. It's as simple as putting up frames with artsy pictures that you like. A wall with such beautiful frame arrangement will give your space a better atmosphere.

2. Bring in the plant


If you're confused about how to fill a corner in a small living room, opt for plants instead. Plants will occupy the corner space well.  Plants also provide fresh air and a good view. Choose tropical plants that grow well in indoor situations, such as calathea, monstera, and other plants.

3. Walls that work well

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Walls can work not only for displaying wall decorations. You can use it to install important devices, such as TVs. Install a floating shelve will allow you to put more items on it. It's a clever way to fill an empty space with more functionality.

4. Lay out the rug

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Rugs don't just work as complementary soft furnishings. They also work as decorations that warm up a space and bring it to life. Choose a rug to lay under the sofa, pick one with a contrasting pattern to make it a focal point in a small living room.

5. Functional and aesthetic lighting

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Lighting is important for small living spaces. Make use of the room's windows to shine the living room during the day. You can use ceiling lights with track lighting models like this as decorative lighting that gives a charming spotlight effect when turned on at night.

6. Carry beautiful cushions

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Relax and enjoy your time in the living room. You can sit there and watch TV. Bring cushions to the sofa to make it more comfortable.  Cushions should not be ordinary, they should have a design and color that complement the style of your small living room. This way, the small living room will look so great.

7. Apply a single color theme or style

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Make a small living room have a real vibe of your personality. It's as simple as choosing colors and furniture designs that looks great arranged together. For example, this small living room with gray-white shades gives the impression of a modern and cool space.

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