Amakan Home Ideas with Fresh Ambience Inside and Out -- Amakan house is favored for its humble, low-budget, and natural feel. The design emphasizes the native vibe by using local materials that bring the natural atmosphere inside and outside the house. Let's take a look at these unique Amakan house ideas. It has a cool green shade with simple but colorful interior. This is Amakan home ideas with fresh ambience inside and out.

Green is the style

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While some Amakan house owners choose to highlight their Amakan houses in the natural woven bamboo color, the owner of this Amakan house went all out by choosing green as the exterior paint color. It comes with a sneak peak of interior to give you more ideas.

Close view

We can see that the exterior uses some shades of green. The sawali wall, with its texture and woven bamboo pattern, is highlighted by a glossy green paint. The half-concrete wall beneath is painted a matte green with white accents for contrast. The front porch has floor tiles in a wood color that gives the space a fresh, natural vibe.

Impactful soft furnishings

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The interior has double-walling concept. Added plywood to the walls and did not feature a sawali wall. The half-concrete part is left as it is here.

This living room has tiled flooring. It has a sofa in adorable pattern and color, making the space more lively. There is a TV cabinet that works as a partition to separate the living room from the kitchen and dining area.

Simple yet lively bedroom

The bedroom here is simple, but it has bedding in a similar pattern and color as the soft furnishings in the living room. It sounds simple, but choosing similar soft furnishings will give the impression of a harmonious and well-thought-out home decor.

Stand out surrounded by nature

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Amakan house are typically built in provinces or villages where the natural environment is still strong, as shown. Painting the house in a green color like this won't make it lose to the green atmosphere of the trees; it will simply make the house stand out from the surroundings. 

Liven up with plants and flowers

This green Amakan home is so attractive, the shade of green will look good even from a distance. Get a fresh and lively ambience by doing gardening outside. As simple as planting more trees, plants, and flowers. These plants will make the yard feel more crisp and less desolate.

Hopefully, those Amakan Home Ideas with Fresh Ambience Inside and Out are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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