Bright and Cozy Interior Arrangement for a Simple House -- An ordinary house can look extraordinary. All you need are ideas and creativity to make the interior as attractive as possible. You can take these beautiful interior pictures as inspiration. The living spaces are designed openly in bright colors with fine wood accents to create the desired cozy atmosphere. 

The bright colors gives this home a cheerful, positive vibe rather than gloomy. This is the Bright and Cozy Interior Arrangement for a Simple House.

Welcoming living room

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The living room is the first place you see when you walk into the house. This space is designed to be friendly and welcoming, with wooden seating facing the main door. The wooden furniture used looks good combined with the blue decorative accents on the cushions and window blinds. 

The wood and blue things

The neutral color scheme of the room makes the natural wood and bright blue shades blend well to create such an inviting living room. Wooden furniture such as doors, seats, and coffee tables have been polished with a coat of natural color paint that looks naturally lustrous. Somehow, the bright blue soft furnishings fit right in here, giving a pleasant atmosphere.

Smart open-plan scheme

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Many simple homes use an open-plan concept for shared spaces, such the living room and dining room. To achieve a nice unity of space, open spaces must be cleverly arranged. It's as simple as choosing a dining table and chairs set in the same wooden furniture and topped with a bright blue tablecloth. A combination that makes the open-space so harmonious.

Adding distinguishing decorations

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You can create a different atmosphere for each space in open-plan scheme. For example, the dining room decoration. The dining room's center wall can be covered in wallpaper with an exposed brick pattern and a combo of a wooden beams to hold decorations and meaningful artifacts. Set the mood by choosing contemporary pendant lights above the dining table.

Beautiful blue bedroom ideas

The bedroom is an important private space. It can design in a pleasant, bright blue color on its own. Soft-blue walls look good and do not dazzling when exposed to light. This room is simple, with a bed and night stand. However, soft furnishings in blue with diverse patterns liven up the look of the bedroom.

Small but functional kitchen

The kitchen here occupies a small, elongated hallway, but the owner has managed to organize it well. The lower cabinets and kitchen appliances are arranged in a neat row on one side of the wall.

The vertical angle is solved by installing the upper cabinet in an L-shape like this. Right below it is a handy spice rack. The cabinet doors still use wood for a nice, harmonious look with the rest of interior setting.

Thank you for taking time to read Bright and Cozy Interior Arrangement for a Simple House. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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