Cozy Amakan Home with Half Hardiflex (185 K PHP) -- Amakan homes are popular due to their authentic feel and low construction costs. Just like this modern Amakan home designed by the Gaudan Family. The house is so beautiful and well-executed. This amakan house is said to have cost around 185K, including 1 month of labor. The interior has one one bedroom with other living spaces, which is designed to be modern and comfortable. 

This is the Cozy Amakan Home with Half Hardiflex (185 K PHP).

Signature native wall

credit to Gaudan Family

This humble house has a size of 18 by 16 feet. Sawali, or woven flat bamboo strips are used for exterior walling. This kind of walling gives off a native vibe that is so cool and natural. The wall finish is left in its natural bamboo color with a bit of an orange hint to highlight the woven pattern.

Half Amakan Half Hardiflex

The house is built on a strong and durable concrete foundation. The walls then use half amakan and half hardiflex. A layer of hardiflex is mostly used in interior to give the space a cozy and modern feel. Using half-hardiflex for the homes, which is quite cost-effective and timeless.

Liven up the home with plants

credit to Gaudan Family

Plants are a simple way to enliven a home's front or exterior elevation. Bring in plants to help them grow and to provide a fresh atmosphere. You can add more potted plants that will also work as greeters when you enter the home area. Choose plants that grow well in your zone. It might good idea to put croton, areca palm, and succulent in warm region.

Well-organized interiors

credit to Gaudan Family

This house once again amazes us with its well-organized interiors. The white walls blend well with the beautiful patterned flooring. Placing sleek furniture that does not take up space. The green color stands out here with the use of green curtains. The green atmosphere is further enhanced by the indoor plants that work as decoration while also to purifying the air.

Kitchen and dining area

The house has a kitchen and a dining area. It's not big but it's enough to get a cozy cooking and dining area for couples. This area has a window with blind. The blind and window can be opened to provide better air circulation especially when cooking.

The L-shaped kitchen design

credit to Gaudan Family

The kitchen uses an L-shaped layout to occupy the corner space well. The countertop is made permanently of concrete covered with ceramic tiles that are also used for the tile backsplash. Upper cabinets were removed to give the kitchen a bright and spacious feel.

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Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : credit to Gaudan Family via Awesome Philippines Houses is a collection of minimalist home designs and floor plans from simple to modern minimalist homes. In addition, there are several tips and tricks on home decorating various themes. Our flagship theme is the design and layout of the house, the inspiration of the living room, bedroom, family room, bathroom, prayer room in the house, the terrace of the house and the child's bedroom.

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