Very Small Kitchen Ideas On A Budget -- Don't be discouraged if you only have a small space for your kitchen. A modern, tiny kitchen design will be a great option for you. A small space can be transformed into a tiny kitchen that not only serves your needs but also adds style to the interior design. There is no need to spend a lot of money; these ideas will help you make the most of your small kitchen space.

Focus on important furniture

Don't force your tiny kitchen to be fully equipped with lower and upper cabinets neatly lined up. It will take up space and money. Rather, purchase freestanding stove with multiple cooking function. Include a refrigerator as well. Storage can be improved with a simple shelf table and by installing floating shelves and multipurpose hooks on the wall.

Use proper layout

This small space can be a beautiful tiny kitchen. Using an L-shaped layout to place the countertop, stove, and lower cabinets. This kitchen has an off white color base, but adding soft furnishings in red and patterns enlivens the kitchen. The kitchen eliminated the upper cabinet on one side wall to give a sense of space to this area.

Mix cabinets with open shelving

A small space full of upper cabinets will feel cramped and full. You can combine a compact top cabinet with open shelving. Place them next to each other like this to create more space. Open shelving can also be a handy storage for dishes or cooking utensils.

Make sure to install windows

No matter how small it is, make sure the kitchen has an adequate window or air vent. Windows will greatly help with natural lighting, making us more efficient on the electricity bill during the day. Natural light and heat will also keep the kitchen dry and avoid any mold to grow. Placing a sink under the window is also good idea for that.

Add some flair

Small kitchen shouldn't look too plain. You can add style with decorations on a budget. For example, cover an accent wall with pretty wallpaper or put a pretty green plant to freshen up the kitchen. Decorations will make your tiny kitchen look even better.

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