36 SQM Tiny 2-Storey House with 2 Bedrooms (3 x 6 Meters)

Helloshabby.com -- Get good ideas from this home design review! A tiny two-story house that has two bedrooms, and you can try to build it only on a 3 x 6-meter plot of land. It even comes with a full living space and a balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee. It is estimated that you will only need around 650K PHP to build it,

More details in a 36 SQM Tiny 2-Storey House with 2 Bedrooms (3 x 6 Meters).

Front elevation look

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This two-storey house has first- and second-floor front elevations. Both floors has the same surface layout, except that the second floor has a small balcony. The balcony makes the house look more dimensional and less boxy. The front elevation on the first floor features a main door with a couple of steps to access it. It looks fresh thanks to the tiny garden in front of it.

The corner view

The exterior of the house is finished in a minimalist color and style. The white geometric building with gray accents around the windows give the house a straightforward look.  The roof above each window and door shades it, preventing rain from entering through it. This is a modern, ultra-minimal home design for small landowners and low budgets.

The ground floor plan

The total floor area for the ground floor is 3 x 6 meters or 18 square meters. The first floor is designed for family living space. It has a living area, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. The stairs to the second floor are positioned in the corner and built straight to save space.

Simple arrangement for simple living

A family of three or four can live in a house like this. The ground floor has a very simple spatial arrangement. Every piece of furniture is arranged close to the wall; the most important thing is to leave movable space to access between areas. The interior uses a white color scheme for a bright and airy living space.

Dining and kitchen area

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Raising the ceiling in a tiny house makes it feel less cramped. It will make the space more lively. In the kitchen, you can install a countertop with upper cabinets that touch the ceiling to give a tall and airy impression. Place the dining area near the window to provide lighting and outside views.

The second floor

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The second floor is shown for the bedrooms. There are two bedrooms in this house. The master bedroom has a larger size. The master bedroom has exclusive access to the balcony. The second bedroom is designated as the children's bedroom. It has a bunk bed design to fit two beds in one space.

The master bedroom arrangement

This is the master bedroom setup. It's got a spacious size, and it still feels airy even with a sizable bed. This bedroom has two doors, one of which is near the bed to access the balcony. This bedroom will also feel more comfortable with windows and ceilings of an ideal height.

The bunk bed ideas

This bunk bed bedroom will be a fun space for your kids. A sharing bedroom that comes with individual wardrobes for storage for their clothes or items. The bunk bed is made of solid wood that matches the style of this small, minimalist space.

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