Concrete House Ideas with Comfy Interior, Livable and Affordable -- Building a house is not easy. Many of us are willing to put in years of saving to make it happen. A simple house is fine, as long as it is comfortable to live in. We can see that in this simple house made of concrete.

The house is only 6 x 8 meters in size, it is simple but livable structure. The exterior may appear plain, but the interior feels cozy with chic blue and white shades. For you, here is Concrete House Ideas with Comfy Interior, Livable and Affordable.

Exposed concrete house facade

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From the outside, this house already looks sturdy. The house uses concrete structure and has a gable roof with red brick tiles. The house is designed with a high ceiling to provide good air circulation, so it doesn't feel hot and stuffy. Finishing smoothed exposed concrete without decorative paint does seem simple, but it is an cost-saving idea.

Simple yet modern interior design

The house's interior does not look rough as the exterior, thanks to a combo of blue and white colors. The blue-painted walls are fresh and complement the clean ceramic tile floor underneath. This tile floors gives a bright look and makes the blue from being overwhelming.

The layout of the space is simple but thoughtful, as simple as pick a TV cabinet in blue and white that matches this room's theme.

Beautiful soft furnishing ideas

© Nenk Mala

The interior is nicely decorated, including soft furnishings installed. There's not a lot of furniture and decorations, but it's great idea to give the door a glossy curtain with a stunning classy pattern. It gives a soft touch and adds a playful pattern that enlivens the room.

Simple yet cosy bedroom ideas

It may be simple, but having one's own home provides a sense of security. The bedroom section can be designed to provide a sense of comfort when resting here. The owner has a large bed with deep blue sheets that go well with the blue-toned decor. The room has glass windows and air vents to allow for fresh air and light to the bedroom.

The spare room ideas

© Nenk Mala

This 6 x 8 meter house seems to have two bedrooms. One is this, it can be used as a child's bedroom with an adorable and affordable plastic wardrobe. Otherwise, it is a good idea to make this room as a multipurpose area either as a closet or dressing room or a utility room.

Lively bathroom ideas

This bathroom has limited space dimensions. Even so, the bathroom looks vibrant using geometric patterned wall tiles. For a small bathroom, it is better to choose a shower that's more efficient, space-saving, and water-saving.

A realistic kitchen

© Nenk Mala

This is how the kitchen looks. Using an L-shaped layout to provide space for the sink and stove area. The kitchen also has a backsplash in blue tiles with adorable patterns and images, giving it a bright and fresh appearance.

Thank you for taking time to read Concrete House Ideas with Comfy Interior, Livable and Affordable. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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