Staycation Feels at Home! Tiny House Made to Look Like Perfect Sanctuary -- Want a home that makes you feel like you're always on vacation? A place that provides comfort and tranquility as perfect as personal sanctuary. Here's a review that might just give you the idea to make it happen. A tiny house surrounded by the greenery of a garden that you can make at home. The interior is simple but has optimal comfort.

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House facade with a natural ambience

Create a home that keeps you close to nature. Just like this house. The tiny house has solid woodplank walls and wooden floors., with a clay-covered roof that gives the house a cool, rustic look. It gives a welcoming feel with a front porch filled with a couch and simple bistro set to unwind here.

Liven up with vines

Plants are an easy and simple ways to make your home fresh. Especially if the tiny house model is like this, you will get a staycation feels like at home. Make plants thrive around your house. You can also let vines grow thickly on the porch pillars to provide natural shade and make the house more enjoyable as a perfect sanctuary.

Interior with loft ideas

It's not strange to see tiny houses with lofts. It's even a good idea to get a cozy, not cramped living space. The ground floor can be used for the living area, dining area, and kitchen. This interior has a vintage decor touch that gives a memorable atmosphere to anyone who lives here.

The cozy lounge

This lounge offers wooden benches with padded seats. The bench faces the TV with a vintage-themed cabinet on it. Adding color are blue backdrop walls and simple rugs in pretty ethnic patterns and colors. Although not large, this area will stay fresh thanks to the installed windows.

The bedroom 

A bedroom like this will give you the feel of vacation in a hotel or vacation homestay. The arrangement is simple but exudes a warm and cozy feel. Adding a bed lamp in a warm light gives a cozy atmosphere and allows you to get a good night's sleep.

Smart storage in the kitchen

The kitchen in a tiny house is usually small. You can get around this by creating smart storage. For example, adding floating shelves on the wall. This shelf can be a handy storage for cooking spices in a tiny house.

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