Tiny Two-Storey House 5 x 7 M with 2 Bedrooms (70 Sqm TFA)

Helloshaby.com -- Nothing is impossible, including having a small house with a great look. A small plot of land measuring 5 by 7 meters was transformed into a sturdy two-story house. This house provides you with a sturdy and modern building, and complete with amenities to give the best quality of life inside.

For you, here is the Tiny Two-Storey House 5 x 7 M with 2 Bedrooms (70 Sqm TFA).

The house's facade

©Tiny House Design

This house has a boxy style but with with a sloping roof, making the house look more dimensional and not flat. The front modern is very modern, with a little cantilever on the facade construction. It makes the house look bigger that its actual size of 5 meters wide. The house's facade features an entrance and a balcony, giving it a sophisticated but relaxed feel.

The corner view

The house's main structure is made of concrete, which makes it tall, sturdy and strong. The exterior features white and grayish finishes for a minimalist yet modern look. Exterior details include a cantilevered-shape on the second floor and unified roof on the front, which shade the entrance. Exterior details are important to add dynamism.  

Living area design ideas

©Tiny House Design

Sneak peek at the interior of the fist floor, this is the living area. It takes up enough corner space to put a long sofa, a TV section, and nice decorations. The interior looks more chic with a white color base. The window installed help the living area looks bright. This arrangement offers the owner a cozy and welcoming space.

Impactful halfway

The hallway is shown as an empty space used mainly to access the stairs and service areas. The flooring uses wood-inspired tile flooring.  The staircase model uses a floating staircase model that looks contemporary, especially when outfitted with panel lights that create an exotic effect. 

Comfortable kitchen and dining area

©Tiny House Design

The rearmost area in the ground-floor interior includes the laundry area, dining area, and kitchen. This side is used for the dining area and kitchen. Willing to have a flexible tiny kitchen in a single wall layout, it was enough to put a dining area. The dining area looks great with modern pendant lights that also set the mood.

The bathroom ideas

These are two bathrooms in this house. One on the ground floor, and one on the second floor. Both have a similar design as shown. It drops a shower, toilet, and sink. The furniture is installed in a row, with a glass partition between the shower and toilet to avoid water splashing into the toilet area.

The first bedroom design ideas

The two bedrooms in this tiny two-story house are on the second floor. One has a simple design, but looks cozy in its simple arrangement and bright colors. It is enough to put a bed, a desk, and even a wardrobe here.

The second bedroom ideas

©Tiny House Design

The second bedroom has something even more special. It features a sliding door to access the balcony. The balcony section makes this bedroom has an extra, outdoor lounge to enjoy the free time. The wide glass door allows optimal natural light to enter the room, make the homeowner feel at home in this room.

Second floor lounge

While the first floor has a living area that works as both formal and informal area for entertaining guests, the second floor has a family-friendly lounge. It occupies a corner in the second floor. It also has the same arrangement as the living area, but it still suitable for a gathering place here.

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