2-Storey House Design 7.5m x 9.5m with 4 Bedrooms

Helloshabby.com -- Looking for a small house with lofts of beds? Tiny House Design offers this two-story house design concept. The house has a stylish minimalist look and an interior full of amenities. There are two parts to the house: an exterior with a balcony and terrace, and interior with an inner garden and four bedrooms. 

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Minimalist house's facade design

Tiny House Design

This home will give you a clean and elegant minimalist look. Thanks to the choice of white with fine wood accents there. The house uses a gable roof construction that complements the design well. The house's facade also feels freshly new with potted plants that can be placed around the exterior, as shown.

Exterior features

The house's facade also has exterior features that are enjoyable for a family. There is a front porch with enough space for outdoor seating. A terrace devoid of furniture makes the house seem open and welcoming. The balcony is accessible from the second floor; it is small but enough for enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

The floor plan reference

Tiny House Design

The house stands on 7.5 m x 9.5 m plot of land. The ground floor of the house consists of a porch outside the building size, the living area that connects with the dining area, kitchen area, stairs with under-stair garden, a bathroom, laundry room, and small office room. 

Open living space

One main room is an open-plan scheme. Connect the living and dining areas. The living room features a sofa facing the TV and accented with light gray and fine wood. Similarly, the dining room is elegant, with a beautiful wooden table and six chairs underneath.

Small office room

Tiny House Design

The ground floor has one feature for those of you who still have to work from home. It has enough space to set up a floating desk with a few chairs on it. There is also a low sofa where you can relax for a while. With the framed decor that sits well on the wall, the space also feels pretty and fresh.

Kitchen design ideas

The kitchen takes up a long corridor like this. It's not too crowded, and the L-shaped layout for countertops, a sink, a stove, cabinets, and other kitchen appliances looks nice. The white color blends nicely with the fine wood, which gives the appearance of a spacious and airy space.

Stairs and inner garden

Tiny House Design

The staircase is hidden behind the living room's back wall. This conceals the location of stairs and makes the interior look tidy. The void area is also nicely decorated with an inner garden to create a fresh impression and keep the interior from feeling dry and desolate.

The upstairs floor plan

The top floor plan is dedicated to the four bedrooms in this house. It takes up every available corner with adjustable space dimensions. The main bedroom is significantly larger and can fit a queen-size bed, a minimalist work desk, a dresser, and a wardrobe. There are two bathrooms on the second floor, which is are accessible from all rooms.

The bedroom reference

This is one of the bedroom design references in this house. Small square footage is enough to put a bed with a TV section feature inside. There is a multipurpose table for the workstation or dresser needed. The room is also look tidy with a slim wardrobe there.

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