Two Storey Tiny House with a Balcony (3.6 x 6 Meters) -- If you're looking for a tiny house design that feels spacious, this is a Woodnest tiny house design not to be missed. Taking the idea of a two story house with everything worth loving. The house design is excellent, with a large living space and a decent-size upstairs bedroom. You can take a peek at the 3.6 x 6 meter tiny house design visualization in two-storey tiny house with a balcony (3.6 x 6 meters).

House facade design


This house design turns a 3.6 x 6 meter space into a functional two-story house. With a total floor area of 21.6 sq m, or 230 sq ft, this house has a simple but appealing front elevation. The front porch serves as an entry point, and there is a really nice upstairs balcony. This house makes sense for both densely populated city centers and rural homes.

The side view

Despite its small size, the two-story house's high and sturdy construction will make it look stylish in its simplicity. As can be seen, the house's design is well thought out, with windows on key sides providing natural light and air circulation. The use of a gable roof gives the house a balanced, not too flat appearance.

The ground floor plan


This ground floor plan will help us visualize the space layout and we can adjust it according to our needs. In the design, the ground floor is used for living area, dining area, and kitchen. The staircase installation is also located here. It is all in size of 3.6 m x 6.00 m.

Ground floor interior design

Let's take a look at the ground floor's interior design! The interior is white with wooden vinyl flooring, creating a cozy and clean environment. The living area has a compact sofa that occupies the side well. The space beneath the stairs has been effectively used to create shelves and cabinets for organizing items, and the interior looks neat and nice.

Spacious open-living space

The ground floor is designed to be spacious and comfortable enough for a couple or a small family to do activities here. It brings together the living area, dining area, and kitchen. Despite serving three functions, the minimalist design keeps the space from feeling crowded.

The upstairs floor plan


This is the second floor plan. The second floor is maximized for a decent size upstairs bedroom and a nice tiny balcony. The bathroom is placed upstairs for the homeowner's convenience. The bathroom has dimensions of 2.5 m x 1.7 m, the bedroom with 3.4 m x 4.00 m.

The bedroom arrangement

You can try this bedroom arrangement idea. The bedroom shades in white and fine wood give a bright and refreshing atmosphere. This 13.6-square-meters bedroom can fit a large bed, a minimalist work desk, and a wardrobe. The bedroom has access to a balcony and windows that will make it less stuffy.

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