Industrial Housing with TWO Floors | 55 sqm - What do you think about housing? The building that builds close to other houses and has a similar size. Here we have some information to share with you about Industrial Housing with TWO Floors | 55 sqm. Check it out!


This industrial housing looks modern and perfect for millennials or little family. With the exterior having gray hues like cement exposed, you can see the wood material that uses as the combination of this industrial housing.

Living room

For the interior, this housing cluster uses open space for a good concept and makes a spacious accent. The living room in this house can merge with other rooms, like the kitchen, dining room, and others.

Dining room

Next, there are dining rooms that are placed near the backyard area. You can see the dining room area protect by a transparent roof which still can access the natural light and good air filtration.


There are backyard with a space area and a bench in the corner area. You can protect the backyard with a transparent roof or sliding roof for efficiency and protection when bad weather comes. Design the backyard nicely like placing some plants or creating a beautiful mini garden.


The linear kitchen in black design looks simple and elegant. With good arrangement, the kitchen is still tidy and avoids the dirty accent. You can make a good rack or cabinet for storage in the kitchen and avoid a messy effect.


A simple bedroom with a window is a relaxing spot and a comfy place. You can design the bedroom in a matching way for great decoration.


Workspace perfect place in a good spot, such corner area, near the window, and others. If needed, you can add the carpet for a warm accent in the workspace area.


Last, for the bathroom, you can divide between wet and dry areas. And design the bathroom using white or bright hues for a bigger look and clean accent. Then, add some ventilation or a small window to allow the air and light to enter the bathroom.

That are Industrial Housing with TWO Floors | 55 sqmthat can implementing in the home and make you inspire. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day, everyone.

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Author      : Yuniar
Editor       : Munawaroh
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