Simple Small Tropical House Design with Pyramid Roof -- Adjusting the design of the house to the climate and location is very important because it can increase the comfort of the owner. The following design examples are ideas for tropical homes that have a cool and warm atmosphere. For more details on the house design, check out Simple Small Tropical House Design with Pyramid Roof.

House facade design

The facade is an important part to design attractively because it has a front and becomes an impression for anyone who sees it. This tropical-style home design has a fresh look by combining natural stone on the walls. In addition, the addition of a garden in a small space is very important to create a distinctive detail.

Roof design

What's interesting about tropical home design is the application of a pyramid roof which is very important to maximize the overall function of the house. This pyramid roof has 4 sides that can block the wind from various directions so that the building remains safe. In addition, this high roof model can also adjust to the weather. 

For example, when it's hot, the house will still have a comfortable space with cool air inside.

House plan design

For the detailed floor plan, there are several areas such as the living room, family room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, laundry area, and bathroom. In addition, this house also has an indoor garden, front garden, and back garden. These gardens will make the tropical atmosphere even more perfect plus some special plants.

Size details

This house design does look small from the front because it has a width of 6 meters. However, the elongated design to the back makes this house still has comfortable facilities. For details of the size of each room in this house you can see in the picture above.




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Author      : Hafidza
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