Modern Industrial House Design 90 Sqm with Indoor Garden

Modern Industrial House Design 90 Sqm with Indoor Garden -- A small elongated house is an excellent choice for a residence. Using a modern industrial concept, the facade of this house looks exceptional as a visual that sells and is classified as a decent residence. For more information, see Modern Industrial House Design 90 Sqm with Indoor Garden:

Facade design

The facade of the house, with a modern industrial finish, gives a warm impression. The unfinished brick wall frames the house neatly and completely. 90 square meters in area, the house is a combination of tropical facades with the presence of plants on the roof, as seen.

Room interior

In the interior, there is a modern living room with a yellow sofa. Some elements, such as doors and windows, seem to contrast with black. Parquet floors with wooden shades add warmth and luxury to the space. This open-plan concept incorporates the dining room at the same time, as seen.

Floor plan details

The size of 4.5 x 20 meters makes the house look spacious from the courtyard to the interior. One access point around the living room's open-plan concept is the visible dining room and kitchen area. There is also an indoor garden, which is useful as a void area for circulation. one laundry room and bathroom. one master bedroom with an en suite bathroom and wardrobe.The detailed size of each room has been written as in the picture.

Kitchen design

The kitchen is an open space with an indoor garden that provides a fresh and bright function. The linear kitchen is very modern, with a cooker hood. The interior wall details are quite similar to the exterior, which uses unfinished bricks.

Laundry room

To maximize space, the side of the kitchen is used as a laundry room. As you can see, it is maximized with a cabinet as a storage area. The appearance is the same as the kitchen, which uses MDF wood and premium HPL.


The last interior is a bedroom with a modern industrial concept and a slight shade of gray. The bedroom is made open with glass vents located near the garden of the House. A clean and tidy interior will make resting more comfortable.

Hopefully, those house ideas will be useful to those of you who are looking for ideas and inspiration for home garden ideas. We wish you luck in building your dream home. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about it.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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