4 x 6 Meters Small But Clever 2-Storey House Design with 2 Bedrooms

Helloshabby.com -- Even in its small size, a small house with a modern concept will make a big impression. This 4 x 6 meter house has an loft design, making it ideal for use as a bedroom or other room. The interior detail in the 4 x 6 Meters Small But Clever 2-Storey House Design with 2 Bedrooms below can be listened to for additional inspiration.



Facade layout


This house's facade is dominated by  gray and white colors, giving the impression of a modern industrial house. This modern-looking house will serve as the focal point for the neighborhood. You can use the side land for a garden or as a void area for an air conditioner.

Side view of the facade

From the side, this house appears to be minimalist. Accent windows and side doors add residential elements to avoid the appearance of monotony and flatness. The texture of the details can be seen clearly in the model of a sloping half roof with a symmetrical shape.

Living room with an open floor plan


The room in this house appears to be integrated with the open concept. The living room is located in the first section and features a bent sofa L that can accommodate a large number of people. The interior is designed to match the exterior of the house, which features a dominant gray color.

 The kitchen is located at the far end of the room

The kitchen space visible from the living room has a L model to maximize the narrow land by utilizing the open plan concept. The kitchen with a clean theme and an elegant backsplash appears warm, providing contrast and interesting color combinations. Furthermore, the window in the kitchen area is very useful for more comfortable and fresh cooking activities.

Design of dining room

Still in the same area as the living room and kitchen. To give the dining room a natural look, a set of wooden furniture was chosen. A long table and four chairs can accommodate a large family. There is no separation between the living room and the dining room. This standing lamp is also useful for distinguishing the room in a simple way.

Modern bathroom

The next area is a modern bathroom with a shower box to separate the shower area from the toilet. Granite floors will give the impression of neatness and modernity, making the house's bathroom stand out.

First floor plan

The first floor contains several areas such as the living area, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. The open space is very helpful for circulation so that the room feels comfortable and spacious.

Second floor plan

The second floor has only 2 bedrooms with the master bedroom having access to the balcony area, making it more relaxing.




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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
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