66.5 Sqm Pretty Small House Idea with 2 Bedrooms

Helloshabby.com -- Bringing beauty to the house can be realized by having the right design because it is less risky both in the desired appearance, space layout, and also cost expenditure. This small house idea also has a design that makes it appear with interesting and contemporary details. For some details of this house, check out 66.5 Sqm Pretty Small House Idea with 2 Bedrooms.

House facade design

This house is built based on a minimalist house design with an elevated shed roof model. The front door wall uses natural stone that looks harmonious with the surrounding natural colors. To give a fresher impression, the owner can also add a small garden on this front facade.


This house uses concrete blocks for its walls, making installation easier and more time-efficient. The roof uses mild steel which is also faster and easier to install. The use of this lightweight steel frame also makes the house unnecessary to use a foundation that is too strong.

Large porch area

This house also has an interesting area on the side, the porch. The porch has a railing to provide safe access for the owner. Add some chairs and plants to make this area feel more alive and functional.

Kitchen area

Presenting comfort with an open space concept is very attractive for small houses. The front is used as a guest area, the middle as a dining area, and the back as a kitchen. The use of partitions is made not too closed so that it is not stuffy. Then in the kitchen area there is also a back door that will maximize circulation.

Floor plan design

This house can be built comfortably on a 66.5 sqm plot. There are several rooms in it as facilities for families including a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. See the floor plan and size in the picture above.




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Author      : Hafidza
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