Limited Cost Small House Design Ideas With Big Living - Home design with a small budget is indeed one of the desired. This is because the budget is one of the funds needed to build a dream home design. In addition to the budget of funds you can also determine the appropriate design and arrangement so that the appearance of a small house looks wider and larger.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of this house presents a simple impression with a neat arrangement. The use of gray and brown colors can give the impression of the house looks charming and attractive. In the appearance of the facade of this house is equipped with large glass doors and windows so as to maximize the lighting that enters the room of the house.

Living Room Design 

Enter the room of the house there is a living room with a large size so that it can give a comfortable impression. The living room is equipped with a dark gray sofa bed so it looks modern and elegant. By using the letter L shape so as to maximize the function of the existing room.

Kitchen Design 

For this home kitchen presents a tiny impression so you can maximize its function. The kitchen that uses cast concrete looks simple and can also give the impression of a neat and low budget. The kitchen is also equipped with a wooden back door and a large glass window so that for good air circulation.

Bedroom Design 

This bedroom has a size that is spacious enough so you can maximize its function. This bedroom is equipped with a mattress with a simple appearance so as not to take up much space. Equipped with wooden material clothes storage cabinet so that it looks strong and sturdy.  In addition, there is also an ideal size glass window so that the room is not stuffy.

Bathroom Design 

For this bathroom has a small size but looks comfortable. The bathroom is equipped with a sitting closet and shower for bathing. By using a combination of natural stone motif floor and walls with abstract motifs can give the impression the bathroom looks unique and interesting.

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