Simple Amakan Low Budget but Still Cozy with Neat Interior -- Houses with traditional styles are still in demand, one of which is an amakan house design like this one. To provide comfort does not need a large budget. A smart arrangement with good maintenance will make a traditional house like this still comfortable. For some interior details, check out Simple Amakan Low Budget but Still Cozy with Neat Interior.

House facade design

This house is made with a stilt house model that has a strong foundation so that the house remains durable. The space under the house will be smarter to cope with earthquakes and will also make the floor more durable because it is not exposed directly to organisms on the ground. For the roof model, lightweight materials were chosen to make it easier to install and still safe for houses with wood and bamboo frames.

Porch design

To the very front there is a porch that has an open area of course. This porch has an elongated bench with a wooden railing to keep it safe. Then to create a shaded area, the owner added bamboo curtains that can be rolled up when you want to open them.

Cozy bedroom idea

Inside the house, there is a cozy living area with an amakan wall that makes the atmosphere warmer. There is also a bedroom nearby that has a neat interior with not much furniture used. The addition of shelving is essential to maximize storage and overcome the limited space.

Low budget kitchen

Next, there is a kitchen with a bamboo table equipped with hangers to organize several pans. The lighting of this area is still good as it has a gap that can make the room not feel stuffy.

Open space area

The house also provides an open area that can be used for relaxing, dining, or as a guest area. Additional chairs and tables will make this area more functional. Make sure the selection of furniture is not too overwhelming to keep it appropriate.

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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
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