90 sqm Prefabricated Home Design Idea

 Helloshabby.comThis prefab or modular house can be said to be a residence that is built quickly. Prefab houses are houses built with special construction methods from material components made outside the construction area. Or it can be said that we build houses by assembling them. Very easy and fast isn't it?

Facade house design

Seen from the façade of the house, the design of this house looks chic and aesthetic. By using a gable roof, the design of the house is more sleek and minimalist. Moreover, it is equipped with lighting on several sides, making the residence look comfortable and warm.

Terrace area

There are low steps before entering the terrace area and the house. It seems that the terrace that has a wooden deck floor looks natural and comfortable. Moreover, the presence of plants in front of the terrace makes the atmosphere more fresh and calming.

Rear view

The picture above shows the sparsely highlighted surrounding parts of the house. Like the back of the house is also the side area of the house. There are wooden elements that decorate the house and lights decorate each side making the house not too dark at night.

Bedroom design

And in the bedroom, it looks minimalist and comfortable room design. Even though it has a small size, the right arrangement and the selection of the right items make the room feel comfortable to use for rest.


Next in the bathroom area. It seems that this bathroom uses a toilet seat and also a shower. Although small in size, there are plant decorations that make the room not too stuffy.

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