Fantastic 54 sqm Small House | 3 Bedrooms Plus Floor Plan

 Helloshabby.comThis minimalist house built with an area of 54 sqm looks neat and simple. Equipped with a rooftop, you can relax while enjoying the atmosphere of the environment around the house. Let's see some of the design of the house and its interior below. Don't forget, there is also a floor plan below, you know.

Small house design

The slim model and adapting the box-shaped style make this 54 sqm minimalist house look stunning and comfortable. Seen on the front there are plants growing in a box planter. The terrace has an indented design that protects you from the hot sun and rain when you want to relax in this terrace area.

Rooftop area

The balcony or rooftop located on the second floor looks chic and stunning. The area is sufficient, allowing you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the environment around the house.

Living room design

Let's enter the interior. At first glance, this living room looked small and narrow. However, with careful design and thinking, this living room feels comfortable with the right arrangement.


It can be seen that this bedroom is filled with important and needed furniture only. So it looks more efficient and functional. The interior design of this predominantly gray bedroom looks elegant.

Kitchen and dining room

Being one room, this kitchen area has a dining room and also a laundry area. For the dining room, it is placed before the kitchen as an indirect separator between the kitchen and the living room.

While the laundry area is placed at the very end of the room or after the kitchen. And you can make a flexible partition as a separator between the kitchen and the laundry room.

Floor plan

Here are the first-floor features of the 54 sqm house design:
  • terrace
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining room
  • laundry area
  • 2 bedrooms
  • bathroom
For the second floor, there are:
  • bedroom
  • rooftop or balcony

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