Simple Gable Roof House Design 10 x 10 M with 2 Bedrooms

 Helloshabby.comA chic appearance can be seen in a minimalist house built with a gable roof. This simple but comfortable design gives the impression of a minimalist and ideal residence.

For information, this one-story house was built with dimensions of 10m x 10m and a building area of 70 sqm. It doesn't take long, let's just look at some of the house design references below.

Exterior design

Amazing home exterior. Although simple, this 70 sqm minimalist house is equipped with a fence for security. You can also decorate the front of the fence by making a box planter as a place for plants to grow and also make this area neater and less dirty.


Not only the front fence area, at the front of the house or terrace you can also make a box planter as a small garden that is fresh and neat. Next to the house, you can make this empty area a carport.

So, the layout of the front of this house will look neat, with the order of the carport, garden area, and terrace of the house.

Side area

If you look closely, in the side area of the house there is a small area that protrudes slightly inward. You can vacate this area or fill it so that the exterior design of the house is compact.

With a small window, you can install lights so that this area is not too dark. Place potted plants in this area to give a fresh atmosphere.

Top view

Seen from above, this residential building uses a gable or triangular roof. In some parts, it is seen wearing a flat roof. This is certainly adjusted to the function of each room and also the needs.

2D & 3D floor plans

House features:
  • carport
  • terrace
  • living room
  • family area
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • backyard
  • praying room

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