5 x 6 Meters Small Concrete House Design

Helloshabby.com -- If you want to build a house with a low budget, we can provide this design as a very interesting reference. Exterior with unfinished look that still presents a neat and comfortable interior. For some details, check 5 x 6 Meters Small Concrete House Design.

Exterior design

The front has a simple look with a gable roof type so the walls have a structure that follows the roof type with a higher center. Concrete materials will keep this small house sturdy and durable. You can complete the finishing in steps.

Interior design

Going into the interior, the room looks neat with a neat arrangement of furniture. On the left side of the door is a guest area with a minimalist sofa paired with a matching table. Then for the other side, there is a dining area and kitchen with clean furniture so that the room still looks spacious and nice.

Bedroom design

The bedroom has a spacious size that can fit more furniture so that it has more functional features. The decorations were placed on the wall area to make it stand out. A neat arrangement can add to the fun yet calming impression of the room.

Bathroom design

The bathroom has a beautiful clean color with marble patterns on the wall area. The size of the bathroom is spacious and comfortable so it can be filled with several features such as a bath area, toilet, and shower. The owner can also add a mirror and shelves on the wall as functional additions.

Floor plan design

The room comes with several sections including a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and 1 bedroom. The house can be lived in alone or with a partner and is also suitable as a small, low-maintenance retirement home.

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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Blue Chip Design

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