Simple Amakan House Design with Full Facilities - Home is a comfortable place to go home and rest from the tiredness of busyness. Even though it is small, the slick design will provide comfort and make residents feel re-energized after a long day outside. For this reason, here is a small Amakan house design that has complete facilities, and you can use it as a reference.

Facade design

The appearance of the simple façade of the house with an exterior wearing rattan and wood materials gives the impression of a natural residence. Nevertheless, this attractive design gives the impression of an authentic residence. The elevation design makes this small house appear higher than the ground or the surrounding environment.

Side area

Not only the façade, but the sides and back of the house also wear a chic and attractive wicker finish. Moreover, the simple concept makes the house look minimalist. And on the terrace of the house, you can make railings up to the waist of adults with beautiful rattan woven covers to look matching and stylish.

Mini garden

Creating a garden can indeed help the house be more stunning. In addition, the presence of plants growing around the house also makes the atmosphere feel more refreshing. You can make the plant grow in a box planter, pot, or land according to your conditions and desires. Make sure to make a good arrangement so that the plants that grow around your house can make the residence more attractive.


Because this house is built on a small and limited land, of course you need to pay attention to making the room look attractive and comfortable to occupy. You can make a bedroom in a design without a cot to make the room more spacious and not messy. To note, this house also has complete facilities so you don't have to worry.

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Author      : Yuniar
Editor       : Munawaroh
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