125 sqm Amakan House Design with 3 Bedrooms

 Helloshabby.com - Amakan house design is built in minimalist and indeed very interesting. The precise design makes traditional residences feel comfortable to occupy. Especially with a large yard, make the nuance feel natural and relaxed. Let's see more about the 125 sqm Amakan House Design with 3 Bedrooms below. Check it out!

Pretty Amakan house

The bamboo finish makes the design of this one-story house look attractive and feel like in the village. Especially with the house's saddle roof design, giving it a stylish residential appearance. 

Use a large area of the yard as a place to create. Such as creating a relaxing area by putting several sets of seats or making a beautiful garden to make the atmosphere feel fresher and more fun.

Living room

This spacious living room seems suitable as a place to gather or receive guests. The presence of a sofa as a seat, you can also add a carpet under it as a base. 

In addition, the compact and not excessive arrangement makes this room still stunning and not too crowded because of the many items that are not needed.


The bedroom area that is arranged in such a way will make anyone who occupies it feel comfortable to rest. Supported by windows that are wide enough, it will certainly make the room have good air circulation and also natural lighting that makes the room not too dark.

Dressing spot

The dressing area that occupies the corner of this minimalist room looks neatly arranged and comfortable to support you in carrying out activities. With a cabinet that is functional and customized according to your needs, it certainly won't take up much space. 


Occupying the back of the house, this kitchen is designed in a minimalist design with inline tables. The existence of a cabinet as a storage place for kitchen utensils at the top and bottom of the kitchen table certainly helps the kitchen look neater. 

Make sure the kitchen area has ventilation or windows so that the room is not stuffy due to the activities that take place in the kitchen area.

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Author      : Yuniar
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