OFW House - 81 sqm with 3 Bedrooms and Material Details

Helloshabby.com --  This house was built by overseas workers in Saudi Arabia. The owner built a house with a size of 9 x 9 meters with a complete room so that it can be enjoyed comfortably with family. If you are interested in seeing the details, check out OFW House - 81 sqm with 3 Bedrooms and Material Details.

Front view

On the front view, this house has a simple type with a contemporary bungalow style. At the front, there is a porch that is made higher so that it will be safer. This house is still in the finishing stage, so it will be more impressive when it is finished. Choose earth tone colors to make it more timeless.

The room

The interior seems so spacious that it can be filled with more furniture. This room can include a guest area and a dining area. The room also looks attractive with a dimensional type ceiling.

Service area

In addition to having well-designed and cozy rooms, the owner also added a service area at the back of the house filled with dirty kitchen and laundry area. Keep the roof to make it more comfortable and safe when it rains.

Floor plan design

For the floor plan, the 9 x 9 meter size includes a large living area, dining area, back kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. See the layout in the picture above.

Material and cost

$21,400 USD

House Size 9x9 meter 81sqm. 3bedrooms 1toilet&bath

Materials Price in Philippines
Hollow Block = 9
Cement = 245
1 Elf Pampanga Sand = 5,300
1/3 Elf Gravel = 1,100
Roundbar 12mm = 175
Roundbar 10mm = 135
Roundbar 9mm = 90
Ord. Plywood 1/2 = 500

Steel Trusses, Roofing & Spandrel 180,000 Pesos Contract

Door Jamb & Door 1Set 90x210
Door Jamb & Door 2Set 80x210
Door Jamb & Door 1Set 70x210
Total = 27,000 Pesos

Insulation Foam 10mm 1 Roll 1,800 pesos

Ceiling and Windows 110,000 Materials and Labor Contract

Tiles Materials
España Premium Diagonal Wood 60x60 = 144
Talgres Premium IC L.T Gray 60x60 = 180
Romano Premium L.T Gray 30x60 = 71
España Premium Slate 30x60 = 106
España Premium Aragon 30x60 = 80

Tiles Materials 60,000 pesos
Worker Cost Contract 23,000 pesos

TOTAL COST 1,070,000 PHP
$21,400 USD

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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Randy Yerro

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