Small Kitchen Design Ideas You'll Wish You Tried Sooner -- Most of us are confused when it comes to design a small kitchen. In other hand, we want spacious kitchen with magnificent high ceiling. But the limited space make it difficult for us to realize it. Somehow small and oddly shaped kitchen, make us fell like a claustrophobic. But don't worry. In fact, small kitchen with the right and stylish design will make your kitchen look good and comfortable to use. Keep reading for small kitchen design ideas you'll wish tried sooner. We bet these ideas will make your kitchen look cozy. This will make you more and more comfortable to cook.



Earth Tone Kitchen

We present a very cool industrial-tropical kitchen design. Like kitchen above, it blends unfinished touch--industrial style-- with natural elements. Shades of wood, stone, dried fern green and root black make the ambience in the kitchen always grounded. 

Kitchen with earth tone will make you fell calm, cozy and homey. Less concrete more open space, will make you never feel claustrophobic in the kitchen. Beside, this kitchen is also called  as the heart of the house. Not only cooking, but also serves as mini bar and cool place to hangout in the corner of the house.

Credit @yuki_homestuff

L Shaped kitchen

The L shaped kitchen can be found in smaller kitchen. This L layout is effective enough without giving up functionally. In this layout, service (stove and sink) are clustered within small area. Storage is reserved for lower cabinet, leaving counter space free for cooking purposes or just to put a cookware. This lower cabinet is made with open style design. So, you need to add curtains to make it  look neat.

credit @mayapermatasari76

All white with Gold Detail Kitchen

Fancy-looking kitchenette, why not? All you have to do is choose a kitchen table with white and gold details. The white color of furniture and background will gave the illusion of more spacious kitchen. Carved detail and lines with gold colored will make your kitchen look very classy.

credit @ape_my_kitchen

The Galley Kitchen

In addition to L shaped kitchen, galley kitchens are usually found in smaller kitchen. In this galley kitchen style, you can put an islan table that can be functioned as a breakfast table or mini bar.

credit @idealhomeuk

Vintage Kitchen

A vintage kitchen will remind you of the warm feel in grandma's house. The selection of blue and white colors make the kitchen look brighter and cleaner. The wooden elements on the table and cabinet reinforce the vintage, that still look cool. Instead of upper cabinet, use patches arranged in L shaped form to make the kitchen look more airy.

credit @eika_atikaa

Shabby chic Kitchen

Like cute pink kitchen? This kitchen is perfect for you. This small kitchen look warm and soft. This nuance be made from wood and pink color. The windows that built make the kitchen look bright. So that, the cooking agenda becomes more refreshing and enjoyable. 

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans. Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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