Shining TV Stand Design -- Although social media is increasingly popular, presenting television at home remains an option to enjoy the weekend while watching favorite netflix show on TV. Of course, when we talk about TV room, TV stand design is perfect to make TV room look more neat. The ample storage can be a good solution to keep TV room look clutter-free. Simply, you can keep your media essential even some decoration on TV stand.  Either your TV mounted on the wall or have it sit on a TV stand, the TV stand will  make your TV stand out more. So, you can enjoy the show more comfortably.

1. White Glossy Modern TV Stand


Even if your TV is placed mounted to the wall, this kind of TV stand work well to make your small TV room look balanced. Without a TV stand, the area below the TV will look empty and weird. You can put this white glossy modern TV stand to put some an ornament or TV remote control on it. This TV stand surely match in with marble wall.

2. Vintage TV Stand


If your TV room is designed with a vintage theme with exposed bricks, then choosing a TV stand with a similar theme is the right thing to do. A vintage TV stand made by wooden material will help you to keep your TV room look organized and stylish. The combination of TV as a modern technology with old vintage's vibe  provides cozy and warmth in your TV room.


3. Built in TV Stand Design


The built in to the wall concept make the TV room look more special. This concept also makes the TV stand look precision. You can choose a white TV stand with some cabinet to store some items on it. The design look stylish due to white and turquoise color on this TV room.


4. Low Budget TV Stand


As well as wood material, you can choose TV stand from plastic material but have strong durability. Just look the TV stand above! Isn't it look pretty yet hip? This TV stand even though have cheap price, but it has a unique shape. You can display your collection of some mini figure under the TV. The red and white color give some pop color that look harmonious with other furniture displays.   


5. TV Stand with Many Cabinets


The design of this TV stand is suitable for those of you who want a multi-functional TV stand. Not only as a place to display the TV, but also equipped many cabinets to store some decoration even your documents. The design is quite compact and suitable for minimalist TV room.


6. Classic TV Stand Design


Although now fireplace design is not as popular as it used to be, but you can choose a modern fireplace-look like as your TV Stand. It have a classic design with some space to keep artificial flower and beautify the room. Placed on to the wall, so that it become the center of the room.


So, that's all for shining TV stand design. Hopefully those Shining TV Stand Design are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about TV stand design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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