8 Creative Ideas To Add Green To Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- Green. Many people like green because it has a good effect on the room. A house with shades of green will feel so fresh. With a little creativity, a touch of green will also add a fun twist that will have a positive impact on your home, and of course on you too. 

If you are interested to add green in a fun way, here are 8 Creative Ideas To Add Green To Your Home

1. Green decorated living room with high ceiling


Green is always synonymous with a natural and fresh impression. Just like this house. This house has a unique concept that is all green. Starting from the wall paint to the sweet decorations of the room, which are dominated by green. This green room doesn't look too overwhelming. Thanks to the high ceilings and wide open access around this living room. 

2. Pair green with orange


Yes, you can add green to wall paint, decorations and rugs indoor. For a fun and fresh nuances, green also works well with orange. Although, these two colors don't look good on clothes, but in the design of an interior, this color combination will produce a fresh and colorful visual. Like the dining room above. The green and orange color in one room will remind you of a fresh orange fruit, complete with leaf stalks.

3. Add green plants and fruit


We always say green is a nature color. Bring elements of green nature into your home. The easiest way is to add houseplants and fruit to your home. You can display pothos plants that dangle beautifully. If it is difficult to bring organic fruit, choose artificial fruit decorations that look glossy. Place the fruit on a special display for a more stunning look. 

4. Green Kitchen Furniture Ideas


How about choosing kitchen furniture in green? Take a look at the kitchen furniture above as one of the inspirations. The green cabinet really adds a splash of freshness to this small kitchen. The addition of green sticker around the lower cabinet also brighten up the kitchen look. 

5. Green Decoration That Take Over Your Kitchen

cr:facebook/Evi Green

It's okay if you want to add green to your kitchen to the max. If so, you'll get an all-green kitchen. Starting from the green walls, green door, green cooking utensil, green curtain to dining sets in green. All things green will not be too monotonous with a choice of different shades of green, but still look harmonious. Don't forget, leave the floor in a neutral color, so the abundance of green doesn't stress you out! 

6. Green Geometric Walls


Adding green to the walls is the usual and mainstream way. Get more creative by creating a geometric green wall like this one. Geometric walls will bring fun to any room. Green geometric walls can also be the centerpiece of the room, which makes your room far from boring impression. 

7. Choose a stylish green sofa 


Be brave to choose a living room velvet sofa in green. Pick a green sofa in shades that match the color of the walls and other decorations. In a warm, nuanced room like this, a deep green sofa is worth the try. This velvet green sofa look so stand out, and remind us of classy emerald diamond. Pair it with yellow cushions for a more fresh impression. 

8. Romantic living room ideas with plant theme

via: Fb/Hannah Holloway

Creating a romantic living room can be applied by incorporating green into it. Before that, try choosing a warm color palette. You can decide a sofa in pink like this. Infuse green in various ways. You can pick greenery or a green rug. This rug is unique in that it looks like a warm and soft grass rug. 

Hopefully, those 8 Creative Ideas To Add Green To Your Home are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about green home decor. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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