7 Pictures of Homes Combining Dining Hall and Living Room

Helloshabby.com -- Due to certain considerations, some homeowners combine the dining and living room in the same area or commonly called as open plan design. There actually advantages when designing one space for two function. The room will look bigger and more spacious. But, there also something that need to be sacrificed, for example in the privacy aspect. It's not convenient if you have to eat in the dining table, when there are guest visiting and sitting in the living room. But, you do not need to over-worry about it, if you need to combine dining hall and living room. We provide some inspiring images of open-plan rooms that combine the dining hall and living room. Check this article "7 Pictures of Homes Combining Dining Hall and Living Room". Hopefully it is useful for you. 

Fresh Dining Hall and Living Room Design


Where did the fresh word come from? Yap, it's due to semi outdoor open-plan design. The dining hall and living room are placed in an open side courtyard. The dining room and living room furniture don't have to match or in the same look. It's better if you choose to distinguish between the two rooms. A blue navy color as dining room themed-look also look better when arranged next to the living room with a softer and earthy color display. 

Minimalist Design 

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Minimalist design is perfect for those of you who have limited space and must combine dining hall and living room. Minimalist design is seen in the lack of unnecessary furniture and decoration in the room above. Fortunately, it makes  the room look spacious enough. There is no firm barrier between the two room, just a different paint wall which clearly gives a different feel, even though it is in one space. 

Decorate it Perfectly


Why do you need to make two rooms in one space look different? Simply to make that one space do not look monotonous and show clear differences in function. If you don't use walls as a separator between spaces, use decorations like great piece of artwork to visually divide the space. 

Very Practical to Hold a Family Gathering


The design of this room is made without additional bulkheads or divider. Also, the furniture both in the dining and living room have match color. Well, indeed it makes this room have a clear themed-look that the homeowner want to present. 

Other than that, this kind of arrangement also perfect for family gathering. After chatting then move to the next dining room, so that you and your family can enjoy the meal together.

Different Seating Arrangements


One of the simplest ways to divide two areas in one room is to set the direction of the furniture. In addition to provide a different feel, furniture arrangement can make the room look more dynamic.

Use the Back of the Sofa as A Divider


If indeed the dining room and living room should be placed very close together (because of limited space), use the back of the sofa to provide a little privacy when you are eating in the dining room, while your partner is watching TV in the living room. 

Use Color as Divider


Color differences clearly give different shades and atmospheres. If you want a natural living room feel, choose furniture with earthy tone colors. Then, pick a dining chair in bright red and yellow colors, if you want a fresh and more cheerful dining room feel. 

Hopefully those 7 Pictures of Homes Combining Dining Hall and Living Room  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about open plan design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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