House Tour: A Pink Minimalist House That Looks So Cozy -- If you wonder why many of the houses we display have relatively small shapes with simple-looking interiors, the answer is that we believe that ideas in a simple home can also be applied to your home. Some of us maybe struggle about decorating a small house, for that it takes some small and big ideas to make the house feel so comfortable. 

Color is the main ideas that bring the atmosphere of the house. But not all colors are looking so good, when applied on the small minimalist house. For example, apply pop pink to a small minimalist house. If done wrong, the house will look too flashy and even weird. But, we sure that the house that we will present below can be used as a reference in designing a pink-themed house that look so cute and feel so cozy. 

Pink Exterior House Ideas

Pink may be not be on the of list the most popular color for a house exterior. But, it doesn't mean you must limit yourself out of fear. If pink is your favorite color, then go with it. We would only suggest you to combine the pink with white, so the look of the house will look more elegant and not too flashy. 

Pink Pattern Wallpaper

The power of pattern lies in its ability to add energy to a room. A patterned wallpaper can change the look of this living room. You can coat the living room walls with vertical line and flowers patterned pink wallpapers. The vertical pattern makes this small living room appear higher. Meanwhile, floral patterns give this living room a beautifying look. 

A spacious room

If you need a TV room, a children's playroom, a lounge and more, then you can create a hall with multi-function room. You can change the sofa and replace it with a large rug. The rug will magically make your space feel more spacious and airy. 

Keep it Simple

A bedroom with wallpaper on the walls are enough to make this room look so vibrant. That's why, just put a simple decoration in the room, such as some painting frames on the wall and a corner table with a flower. Don't forger to provide a window to keep the room bright. 

Kid's Bedroom Ideas

Although girls tend to like pink, but decorating their room with all pink color from bottom to top will certainly make the room too crowded and make them uncomfortable. Pink color can be applied to some pieces of furniture and room decorations only, while the floor can be left in white color and part of the wall is painted in a light blue powder color. That way the kid's bedroom looks balanced.

An Open Space Design

In a minimalist house the concept of open plan will certainly be applied. The concept of open plan will make the room look bigger and wider, without a solid divider. In one room, you can put a TV room, dining room, kitchen and even toilet. 

A Minimalist Service Area

To get a simple service area design, you can arrange kitchen sets and laundry sets in a single wall model. This arrangement certainly only makes you put some important items and eliminate unnecessary extra items. But you will have a neat and spacious service area.

Hopefully those ideas is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about using pink color as interior and exterior's paint. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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