6 Tips to Bring Scandinavian Style To Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- Scandinavian home design is one of the popular interior design styles. Many countries in Europe, America to Asia adopted this design. The concept is modern and environmentally friendly. In addition, the house also does not require much decoration, its simple shape, and also more open. The three combinations are the key to a comfortable residence with Scandinavian design. Scandinavian houses are also easy to apply to small-sized houses. In this article you will get how the tricks to make our house look similar to the model of a comfortable and homey Scandinavian house. 

Provide a yard

The main feature of a Scandinavian-style house is the clearly visible natural elements, meaning your home should be open and surrounded by gardens. The garden or a yard doesn't need to be too big. Just a few square meters on the side of the house or the back, but make sure the view of outdoor space can be seen from the inside of the house. That's why, you need to install a large window on every sides of your house. 

Neutral color or earthy tone color options

Choose neutral color as the dominant color of the interior and exterior of the house. The colors are gray, white, black or brown. You can choose simple furniture in those neutral colors. But more colorful textiles on more orange color can be used as contrast that enhance the visual appealing of this room. 

More natural light for bright space

Wide glass windows are one of Scandinavian design features. In addition to saving power, sunlight that becomes the main source during the day makes this house environmentally friendly. You can install a curtain that can be used to cover the window, when the day becomes too hot. 

Limit the amount of furniture

Scandinavian house do not rely on furniture as the main decoration for the room, in fact vice versa. Choose furniture wisely, make sure each items has its own function in the house. For the kitchen, make sure your kitchen is always clean and neatly arranged. Make use the available space to put items or decoration that refresh the look of your kitchen. 

Pick space-saving and multifunction furniture

Urban and semi-modern furniture is suitable for Scandinavian home design. Most Scandi-style furniture design is not too big and have compact design. The simple design makes your home not overcapacity. If you have small and narrow space, it can be a perfect solution for you. 

Present the wooden materials 

Wood elements should at least always be present in Scandinavian homes. Wood becomes a natural element that will make the atmosphere of the house feel warmer and more comfortable. You can apply it to the floor, furniture selection, headboard and some other decorations. 

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